Preparing For Your Lactation Appointment


What to expect

Initial appointments are about 2.5 hours long. I will take a full breastfeeding history, perform a breast exam and will assess baby from head to toe, including an oral exam. On most occasions, I’ll weigh the baby as well to help me gauge his or her intake at the breast. Depending on space, we usually do the visit in the area where you feed most often (bedroom, nursery, living room, etc).

To be most helpful, I’ll typically need to observe a feeding during your appointment. Feed your baby about 90 minutes before your visit (you can give baby a small “snack” if s/he gets hungry less than an hour before I arrive). Baby shouldn’t be starving when I get there, but should be willing to eat by about halfway into your appointment.

I will be taking notes on an iPad during the visit. If you are comfortable sharing your WiFi connection, that would be appreciated, but if not I carry a mobile hotspot.

To utilize your appointment time most efficiently, please complete your intake paperwork before your appointment. You can also let me know on the intake form if there’s anything specific I need to know to make our time together more comfortable.


Partners and other support people are totally welcome to be present at the visit, if you want them to be. It’s helpful to have another We recommend only inviting those who can help us maintain a calm, judgment-free feeding environment for you.

Cleaning Up

Please don’t feel pressure to scrub the whole house down or get dressed up before we come! We understand dishes and laundry can fall behind when there’s a new baby and we don’t mind a little mess (or third-day-in-a-row yoga pants). As long as it’s safe, we are comfortable conducting the appointment wherever you’re comfortable.

Pets and older siblings

Having a new baby in the house often makes pets and older siblings more protective or excitable. If you think your fur-baby may be uncomfortable with a new visitor handling the baby, jumps up when meeting new friends, or might otherwise distract us during our consult, please arrange to keep him or her secure in their own special area during our visit. You may also want to arrange an activity to entertain big brother or sister during our visit.

Other things to have prepared:

  • If you are having issues with baby refusing the breast, it can be helpful to spend 15 minutes relaxing skin to skin with your baby just before your appointment.

  • Create a list of any questions you have for your lactation consultant. We’ll address as many as we can, time provided.

  • Please have your insurance card handy if you wish to have us bill your insurance and did not upload pictures to the intake form.

  • If you have concerns about baby’s weight gain, try to have some expressed/pumped milk or formula on hand.

  • If you’d like help with your pump, please have that out and together with your pump supplies.

If you have any other questions before your visit, feel free to ask!