What's a Newborn Care Specialist?

Someone you can ask, "is it normal for a baby to grunt this much?"

someone who can teach you how to build healthy sleep habits for your baby,

someone who can help you ensure your baby is getting enough to eat,

someone who will remind you to be kind to yourself if guilt or unfair expectations set in,

and someone who won't judge when baby's fussy and you say, "I need a break, can you take over?"

A Newborn Care Specialist (you may have heard the traditional terms "baby nurse" or "night nurse") is a hands-on educator and resource in caring for your newborn. A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) will support you in your home for the first few weeks or months of your baby's life with detailed education on baby care, feeding/breastfeeding support, and light baby-related housekeeping. An NCS facilitates the parents' smooth transition into life with Baby, helping them to feel empowered in their new roles.

While the terms Newborn Care Specialist, "baby nurse," and night nanny are often used interchangeably, it's important to note that NCS's undergo specialized training that nannies do not and are not licensed nurses/RN's.  Though NCS's are not medical professionals, we are trained to recognize potential health problems and advise parents when to contact their pediatrician.

Parents who choose to hire a Newborn Care Specialist are often first-timers, require additional support due to work schedules, don't have family nearby, or simply want to get a good night's sleep.

So...what do you do?

While each family's care package varies according to their needs, our NCS services include: 
-Education about your newborn (reflexes, soothing, instincts etc.) and caring for him or her
-Teaching you how to "read" (interpret) your baby's feeding, sleeping, and soothing cues
-Helping you establish a schedule or routine for your baby
-Breastfeeding assistance and support
-Babywearing education—(ring slings, stretchy wraps, soft structured carriers)
-Caring for baby overnight while you catch up on sleep (bottle feeding or bringing baby to mom for breastfeeding)
-Nursery optimization and product recommendations
-Getting a breastfed baby to take a bottle (if you choose to use them)
-Helping your partner or extended family bond with your baby
-Suggesting developmentally appropriate play methods
-Washing and folding baby's laundry
-Swaddling instruction
-Disposable and Cloth Diapering
-Bathing and dressing
-Cord and circumcision care

We offer both daytime and overnight services. During the day, we focus mainly on education, baby care routines, and emotional support. You can take a nap, shower, or eat a meal (with both hands!) while we look after baby. Overnight services are intended to maximize sleep for you and develop a healthy sleep foundation for baby. Daytime shifts are 4-6 hours and overnight shifts are 8-10 hours. 

When should I hire an NCS and for how long?

Families hire NCS's as early as the second trimester, up to a couple weeks after the baby's born. I typically work with families for anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks depending on their needs.