Newborn Care Services

Baby laying on back-hands on tummy

We help you take the anxiety, guesswork, and sleeplessness out of caring for your newborn. 

We know you.

You can’t function without sleep. To you, sleep deprivation is not a required rite of passage. You know you can handle everything else new motherhood throws your way, if you could just get some sleep.

You’re lost without structure. You know babies can’t tell time, but you need some sort of routine to be sane. 

You want to do this. You know you need help, but you’re not looking for someone to do it all for you. You want to eventually be able to manage baby's care and sleep routine on your own.

We’re here for you.

 Imagine this:

  • Having a walking, talking "baby manual" to tell you exactly what to do to calm your baby, how to get him on a routine, or teach him how to be a good sleeper.

  • Your baby wakes at 3am. She's fed, diapered, then put back to sleep...and you didn't even have to get out of bed!

  • You know another new mom who’s having a tough time. She’s exhausted, desperate, and overwhelmed. You feel for her, but you’re secretly glad you're not having the same experience.

Sounds good, right? We have a couple options to make this your reality!

Overnight Newborn Care

Your Newborn Care Specialist (sometimes called a "baby nurse" or "night nurse") will come to your home in the evening. After a quick check-in, she'll send you to bed and take care of baby's nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and any baby-related chores while you get some sleep. Before she leaves in the morning, she'll touch base with you to talk about how baby's night went and to give you a plan for the day. Your Specialist is an infant sleep educator and can guide you in building healthy sleep habits for your little one.

Before bed or in the morning, you'll have “class time” where you can ask your Specialist any questions about caring for your baby or about baby's development (anything from "It is it normal for her poop to look like that?" to "When should I start solids?"). She can also demonstrate baby care techniques like swaddling, bathing, introducing a bottle—you can pick her brain on anything you'd like to learn!

What if I'm breastfeeding? Is it still worth it?

Not a problem! You’re in good company, the majority of our clients are breastfeeding. You will likely need to pump or nurse after 4-6 hours of sleep, and we are experienced in developing nighttime routines to maximize rest and milk supply for breastfeeding parents too! You can choose whether you’d like to nurse overnight or have us give your baby a bottle. We use a special bottle-feeding technique to help breastfed babies go back and forth easily.

Round The Clock Care

Your Postpartum Care Specialist will stay in your home to assist you with the transition into life with a newborn. With a Round The Clock care package, she'll be available to guide you and care for your baby day and night. During her stay, much emphasis will be placed on healing from birth, demonstrating newborn care techniques, and establishing healthy sleep habits for your baby. The Specialist can help with baby-related chores, nursery organization and stocking, and more.

This is our premiere offering for first-time breastfeeding moms! The first few weeks can make or break a breastfeeding relationship. Your Specialist is also a board-certified lactation consultant and will be there to support you at every feeding (even at 3am) until you and your baby get the hang of it. She can help you focus on building a good milk supply and helping baby learn to latch like a pro!

This sounds amazing! How does it work?

We build a custom package for each of our families according to their needs, so there's no quick cookie-cutter answer.

The specifics vary depending on your parenting preferences, the layout of your home, and your baby's personality. Your Specialist will need a comfy place to rest, and prefers to be in the same room as your baby so she can respond to all your baby’s needs quickly. This could be in the nursery with a daybed or the guest room with a bassinet, for example. When your baby wakes in the night and needs a feeding, she will change the baby’s diaper and either bring him to you to nurse or offer him a bottle while you sleep. After the baby’s done eating, she’ll burp him and put him back to sleep. As your baby grows and as she gets to know your baby, the Specialist will begin to gently guide him into sleeping longer stretches at night (we do not use the “cry it out” method on newborns). We’d be happy to learn more about your needs and help you paint a clearer picture of what it could look like for your family.


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Our decision to hire a night nurse has made me a better parent. I felt more confident about helping my son learn how to sleep on his own, because I wasn’t struggling with lack of sleep myself. This presence of mind made all the difference in my parenting.
— Holly