Lactation Support


Breastfeeding can be hard.

You might love it, you might secretly hate it; but for some reason, it's not working the way you feel it should. Maybe it hurts, maybe you're struggling to make enough milk, or maybe it feels like your baby is rejecting you. No matter what you’re going through, we're here to help.

We believe that the benefits of breastfeeding are unparalleled, but we don't subscribe to a "breastfeeding at all costs" model of care. We understand that you're a whole person with goals and limitations. We’ll work with you to identify and reach the feeding goals that work for you and your family.

We’ve helped families with these issues and more:

Sore nipples | Latching difficulties | Baby won’t take a bottle
Prior breast augmentation or reduction | Pumping questions
Supplementing & formula options | Baby refusing the breast Therapeutic Breast Massage for engorgement & plugged ducts  

We support families of all backgrounds, structures, and identities.

Appointment Scheduler Instructions:

  1. Enter your name (or your partner’s name, if you’re scheduling on her behalf) under “Client Name,” then hit ‘continue’ .

  2. Under “Additional Person,” enter your baby’s name and your email address.

    Once we confirm your appointment request, you will be emailed an intake form—please complete that before your appointment. If none of the available times work for you, you can text or call Evonne at (626) 808-4131 to check for any last-minute openings.


$250—initial home consultation (~2.5hrs). We offer a 25% discount on any follow-up visits for clients who are paying out of pocket. Most clients see significant improvement within 1-2 consultations.

We offer home visits exclusively. We accept Aetna insurance and offer an out-of-network billing service for all other PPO insurance plans. Scroll down to view Payment Policies and other legal information.

Payment plans available for those in need. Please call/email us directly.

Service Areas

Our regular service area covers homes within a 30-minute drive from Pasadena (actual distance varies with traffic). We can serve clients more than 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes away with a $49 extended service area charge. The charge will be invoiced separately from your appointment and is not eligible for insurance reimbursement. We cannot accommodate clients more than 60 minutes away from Pasadena, but we may be able to help you find someone in your area.

Testimonial from a new mom:

Oh my God. Evonne was the much needed peace and sanity I had been lacking until I met her. When every waking hour (which new Mamas know is every hour) is devoted to worrying about your baby getting the nourishment you so long to give them, it takes a huge toll on your soul. She gently accessed, explained without being too complicated (lack of sleep means you want things simple), and always encouraged. She made me feel like an absolute Champion for my baby.
— Maya

Payment Policies and the legal stuff:

You are responsible for all charges associated with each consult. There is a $50 cancellation fee for any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (this fee is not covered by insurance). Payments are accepted by card, check, or cash. We do not offer refunds. It is your responsibility to provide current and accurate payment and/or insurance information. We may communicate with your insurance company in reference to the services provided to you and your baby. We may communicate with your bank or credit card company for payment-related matters.

Payments may be made electronically using a credit/debit card or fund transfer. We use SquareUp to process payments. SquareUp meets the high security and privacy standards of HIPAA and the banking industry with regard to financial transactions. However, SquareUp may send you, automatically or per your request, email or text message receipts that contain personal health information such as the date of your lactation consult. If you are not comfortable with this, you may pay by cash or check instead. Please call or text (626-808-4131) to arrange payment for your appointment if you prefer not to pay electronically.

Out-of-network/Self-Pay clients: If we are not in network with your insurance company, you’ll need to submit full payment up front (currently, we are in network with Aetna only). We will then provide you with a superbill suitable to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you have a PPO plan, we also offer an out-of-network billing service. You must pay all fees in full in advance of your visit. You agree that any fees paid by your insurance over and above the self-pay charge will be paid to Evonne Smith, IBCLC dba New North Newborn Care, either directly from your insurance or forwarded from you (if your insurance sends you more than you paid us).

Aetna members: We are in-network with most Aetna plans, and we will submit your claim(s) to Aetna for payment. If Aetna applies any portion of the fees towards a deductible or otherwise charges a coinsurance payment, you will be invoiced and agree to pay for all outstanding charges that are not covered. You are responsible for providing us with accurate insurance information and informing us of any changes in your insurance status. If you do not have coverage at the time we see you, you will be responsible to pay out of pocket at the self-pay rate.

All clients are advised to contact your insurance company before your consult to confirm whether your plan will cover our services and whether you need a pre-authorization to see us. They may ask for this information:

Provider Name: Evonne Smith, IBCLC

NPI: 1700393709

Possible billing codes: S9443, 99404, 99344

*Last revised September 8, 2019*

Insurance plans with the women’s preventive services benefit cover visits with a lactation consultant. Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive services are mandated to be covered 100% with no cost-sharing. Some plans are not subject to the women’s preventive breastfeeding services requirements under the Affordable Care Act which includes plans that are “grandfathered” or otherwise exempt. These plans may not include all of these benefits or there may be different member cost-sharing on certain benefits. Employers with “grandfathered” plans may choose not to cover some of these preventive services or to include cost share such as a deductible, copay or coinsurance and you can contact your HR department for additional information. The National Women’s Law Center is a good resource to learn more about this coverage.

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