Design for Birth and Postpartum Professionals

 In this age of technology, design matters. Clients form an opinion of how credible you are in the first few seconds they spend on your homepage. Anyone can download Photoshop and call themselves a designer, but making GOOD design requires a more refined set of skills. There are more professionals joining this field every day and you can't afford to be overlooked by a potential client because your website or business card failed to grab their attention (or worse, because you didn't have one at all). As birth professionals, we love our work but when it comes to marketing we are often blinded by that love—we can't see that the logo we think is awesome isn't serving as an effective piece of marketing in our clients' eyes.

In addition to learning the foundational principles of design, my Bachelor's degree in Communication Design taught me how to do just that: communicate with an audience through informed design choices. I spent six years in school developing those skills and I learned that
you have to understand the rules to know how to break them.  My experience as a postpartum professional has granted me great insight into what our clients are looking for and what information is relevant (important to communicate). Good design has qualities both visceral and intangible. We know it when we see it—we can't quite put our finger on a distinct element that makes it "good" but it resonates with us. I'm here to help you resonate with your clients.


Business Cards - From $149


  • 30-minute design consultation

  • Custom 1 or 2-sided business card design

  • One round of revisions

  • Printing setup service

    • I will handle printing setup for you—you choose the vendor, no worrying about uploading various files or checking print specifications, just relax and wait for your custom business cards to arrive on your doorstep!

  • Printing and shipping prices vary by vendor and are not included.


Websites - From $499



  • 90-minute design consultation

  • Custom Squarespace website, up to 5 pages

  • Editing on the copy (text) you submit

  • Walkthrough of your finished site

  • Additional costs not included:

    • Site hosting (required, paid directly to hosting company)

    • Domain name purchase (recommended)

    • Stock photo licensing (optional)


Design Consultations

Good for those with a smaller budget, or who have existing projects in progress with another designer. I can help you create a preliminary website design, help you articulate feedback to help your designer improve their design, and more. Pricing varies widely depending on your project, typically between $50-300.


Doesn't quite fit your needs? I occasionally accept smaller projects such as advertisement flyers, rack cards, etc. Let's chat and see what we can come up with!