We offer private classes for expecting parents who prefer a more intimate setting.
From the comfort of your own living room, you’ll learn everything you need to know with classes tailored to meet your family’s unique needs!


Breastfeeding in the Real World

In this two-hour interactive class, you’ll learn everything you need to get ready for breastfeeding your little one. This curriculum is based on practicality—we spend a bit of time on theory and cover the basics, then we give more focus to the day-to-day logistics of making this whole breastfeeding thing work out. We’ll practice positioning and latch techniques, talk about building a milk supply and pumping, detail how to get support if things aren’t going as smoothly as planned, and more!


Navigating Newborn Care

Whether you have a million nieces or haven’t held a baby since your brother was born, this two-hour infant care class is customized to make sure you feel confident and ready to take on your new parental role. In addition to diapering and the basics, we’ll teach you how to use your baby carrier, then you can show us the nursery and we’ll go over all the little details (like why it’s better to put the wipe warmer on that side of the changing table). Some of the most popular topics include:

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Typical newborn feeding & sleeping patterns

  • Car seat safety

  • Swaddling

  • Calming a crying baby

  • Diapering & bathing

  • When to call the doctor


Ready, Set, Sail!

Save when you bundle our breastfeeding and baby care classes! The classes can be scheduled for the same day, or you can spread them out.


Baby Care Bootcamp

Perfect for first-time parents (and grandparents!), Baby Care Bootcamp is the ultimate way to speed up the “new baby” learning curve. This class was designed for you to attend with your baby, so we can get to know him or her and guide you on the specifics. In up to three class sessions, we’ll equip you with tools and knowledge to handle anything baby throws your way. 

We talk details about infant sleep, development, and more that'll make you say, "Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?!" We’re familiar with the popular methods & approaches out there and can help you narrow down what might work for your baby—saving you time, tears, and lost sleep! You'll get our best tips and tricks on:

Managing meltdowns and fussy periods (the "witching hour")

Reducing chaos and restoring sanity

Getting baby to sleep in the bassinet or crib

Reading your baby’s cries and cues

Optimizing your current feeding and sleeping routine

Any other baby care topics you'd like to pick an expert's brain on! 

The Fine Print

Our service area covers homes within a 40-minute drive from Pasadena (distance varies with traffic). We can serve clients located outside our service area—up to 30 miles from Pasadena—with a $49 travel fee. We recommend taking the breastfeeding and baby care classes between 30 and 36 weeks. Baby Care Bootcamp is meant for families with babies up to 6 weeks old.


I would say the “Aha!” moment was when my daughter had a pretty big meltdown—for the first time, I felt so calm and confident in how to handle it and soothe her with everything Evonne had taught us. I had a thorough understanding of what our baby was going through and how to help her. It was such a different feeling than I had in the early days and we have Evonne to thank for that!
— Jenna